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Automatic Composition &
Play Program

This soft creates ambient musics or slow tempo musics. You may feel Musics comfortable and relaxing.
Free Ware


Capable of playing long period of time
Comfortable environmental music
Capable of sending MIDI message to DAW or a hardware instrument
Visual view with music


GridWindMusic_mac.zip 4.8Mbyte

OS / MacOSX 10.7 later IntelMac

Language / Japanese and English

Version / 3.1.10


GridWindMusic_windows.zip 12.5Mbyte

OS / Windows7 later

Language / Japanese and English

Version / 3.1.10

Sample Music


GridWindMusic is the software with creating some ambient musics or slow tempo musics automatically and realtime playing. Also, if never crash OS or hardware, this program has capability of playing long period of time.
  One of My development concepts has environmental music as fitting to spending time with taking good rest.
  Our daily livings must have busy works usually. We would want to need time to rest body and mind sometime. I would feel joy as if you select this program and listen musics that are create by this program in those rest times.
  This program has well listening with playing instruments as pianos or strings or guitars having large Notes. Others, this program play with some digital software Drum set with making narrow range setting and sliding up or down. So, you may feel this created musics as free improvisation music.
  Default setting instrument is QuickTime Music synthesizer. In this version make capability of sending MIDI data to DAW or hardware from this program.
  Also, you can do play some iPad music soft or iPhone soft with this program with method of Network setting in Audio MIDI setting.app.
This time, I made update with recreating of program core parts of playing and creating music data. I think this program musics growing with more comfortable music for users.

Please enjoy this program. (Developer Kazuto Ohshima)



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